Update: Kylie has been adopted by a wonderful family. She has joined her pal, Sam, who she got to know this summer when he stayed with us. I know she is going to be loved and well-cared for. Already, I am told she has overcome her fear of stairs.

If you wish to pursue an adoption or are interested in learning more about the rescue process please visit the website:

Our fourth foster dog is a Maltese named Kylie. She was surrendered to Fureverafter due to an elderly owner who was no longer able to care for her. She is six years old and had not been spayed, so that surgery was scheduled immediately. She also had a little dental work done and received a microchip and tattoo identification while having the spay surgery.

Kylie is a very sweet-natured girl unless you happen to be a cat, rabbit, deer or anything else she considers prey. She is a little bit fearful of large, barking dogs when we take her on a walk and she also has some other mysterious fears--linoleum floors and stairs, for example. She had some trembling when we'd take her in the car at first but she seems to have gotten over that. She likes riding in the back seat in a crate. It makes her feel more secure.


Kylie is a very good eater and very well-mannered little dog in general. She has an underbite that only adds to her charm. Kylie loves her walks and being out in the yard, especially if she thinks there might be a neighbourhood cat to chase. We have tried to discourage her cat aggression. She has no idea how little she is and could be seriously hurt by a cat.

The Maltese coat, if left to grow to a longer length, needs daily brushing to avoid matting and tangles. Kylie is fairly tolerant of being brushed but has sensitive feet, face and tail. If offered a treat, she will stand up on her hind feet and dance for you. It's very adorable.

We have enjoyed seeing Kylie come out of her shell and play with some of the other dogs in our home, though she does not often show us her playful side. We're hoping it will come out more as her confidence grows.

All in all, this is one very sweet little gal who will be a fantastic companion for any home as long as there are no cats present.