Bailey with Kylie

Update: Bailey has been adopted by a lovely couple who live in Port Hardy. She went to her new home yesterday and is already settling in nicely, charming everyone and making friends with her new housemate, Coco, a Parsons Russell Terrier. Have a happy life, little Bailey, with your new Forever Family.

If you wish to pursue an adoption or are interested in learning more about the rescue process please visit the website:

Our fifth foster dog is a very sweet girl named Bailey. She is a 6-year old Bichon cross. We are not the first foster home for Bailey. She was not able to stay in her previous foster care because she barked too much at a resident cat. It's odd that she has not barked at our cat, at all. The difference may be that our cat is not kept in the same area of the house with her. Regardless, it is a consideration for anyone thinking about adopting her.

As much of Bailey's known history available is documented on the Fureverafter site. You can read about her time in a shelter, her rescue and her health issues and treatment here:

Bailey was flown over to Vancouver Island compliments of Pacific Coastal Airline, where we picked her up in Comox. She was quite agitated from the ordeal but calmed down when we spent a few minutes just crouching next to her crate and letting her get used to our scent. We can never know what traumas Bailey may have endured before she was rescued but it seems obvious that she was mistreated by a man and possibly a teenager. She still growls or barks when we are out for our walk if a man or kids on bikes/skateboards come near. She even growled at Noel a little the first day she was here, but she had gotten over her fear of him completely by the second day. She now trusts him enough to let him rub her tummy.


Bailey is an active dog who loves her walks and can be very playful with other small dogs. She does become a little agitated if a big dog barks at us out on the walk. We're working on getting her to relax and trust us to take responsibility for her safety.

It will take some time for her to be more responsive to her name as it is new to her. She is very good about coming when called if she realizes you are calling her.

Bailey is on a special diet due to the bladder problems she had when she was rescued. She is a good eater and has no food aggression issues. She loves to be brushed and has a very tightly curled coat so regular grooming is needed.

Bailey will allow me to pick her up and enjoys sitting in my lap for a little while but she has never asked to sit with me and usually doesn't stay with me for more than about ten minutes. I brush her and give her gentle massage to encourage her to trust human touch.

I think with gentle patience that Bailey could fit well in to any home. There may be an adjustment period necessary for males and teenagers to gain her trust. She is really a lovely little dog who deserves love and happiness after a life that has had some hard knocks.