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Max is our 12th foster dog. He is an 8 lb. Pomeranian-Chihuahua cross with shiny, slightly wavy black fur and beautiful eyes. He has one little splash of white on his chest. Max is 10 months old, playful and very sweet-natured. He is very responsive, excellent with the training commands he's learned and always comes immediately when called. He had a couple of accidents the first day or so he was in our home but since then his toilet-training has been perfect. Max has not been neutered yet so he may have been doing a bit of marking when he first arrived. He is energetic without being hyper, is not a nervous barker though will alert you to anyone coming to the door or unusual sounds outdoors. He will also bark a couple of times if he hears another dog barking outside but stops when asked. He's a picky eater. We've tried a few different things with him and, so far, his favourites have been venison with sweet potato and tripe for soft food. He also likes the salmon/turkey kibble from Canadian Naturals.

Max came into foster care when his former owner's decided they could not afford the surgery required to repair a bad fracture to Max's left front leg. Unfortunately, they left the leg inadequately treated so that when he did receive the surgery it was not an ideal situation. The veterinarian surgeon had to remove some unwanted tissue that had formed before he could place the metal plate and pins needed to repair the break. We are hopeful that his leg will heal properly. In the meantime, Max must wear a splint and bandages on the leg for eight weeks. He is also confined to crate rest during that time. We have had to use a cone collar on him at night or any time we are not monitoring him closely to make sure he doesn't chew on the bandages. It's very difficult for such a young, energetic little guy to be confined so much. We're doing all we can to keep him happy with new toys and a bully stick to chew. I take him out of the crate several times a day to cuddle and gently massage him as he is not able to get any exercise. The leg will be x-rayed to check on the progress of his healing in a couple of weeks. The bandaging will need to be changed once a week or so. It is essential that the leg always stay completely dry during the healing process so Max has to wear a plastic booty over his foot when he goes outdoors to relieve himself. All in all, this is not a very happy time in Max's life but we are so determined to do everything we can to try to save his leg. If the surgery is a success we will start some gentle exercise and rehab physio after the splint comes off. We're hoping to be able to do some hydrotherapy with him, too, as we were told that he loves water. Max will probably be ready for adoption some time in February if all goes well. He'll also be scheduled for the neuter procedure once the vet deems him ready.

Noel and I both just love this little guy. Everyone who meets him falls for him, he's such a sweetie. Max will do well in many types of homes. He gets along very well with cats and he is not a problem barker. He would never be able to live in a home with young children and anyone who adopts him should keep in mind that continued training and vigilance are going to be necessary to teach Max he cannot jump from high surfaces or the back of furniture.