Ringo (Yorkie Cross)

Ringo - Yorkie Cross

If you wish to pursue an adoption or are interested in learning more about the rescue process please visit the website: http://www.fureverafter.net

Update: August 2011 Ringo has been adopted by a couple in the Ladysmith area. They have a beautiful country home and have built a fenced in area on their large property just for Ringo. Now he can run after squirrels to his heart's content. We sure do miss you, Ringo, but we know how much your new family loves you and that you've found a terrific home. Have a happy life...and no more running into the street, little one.

We have a new foster dog, our 11th. His name is Ringo. He is a medium-sized Yorkie cross, weighing about 14 pounds. Ringo has a very sweet face and a temperament to match. He's got gorgeous Yorkie colouring with shiny gold and silver fur. His owner had to give him up, with great reluctance, due to a conflict with her aging father. We are very impressed with how well-behaved and well-trained this little fellow is. We were told that he might suffer from separation anxiety. Apparently he barked a great deal when his previous owner left him alone during the day while she was at work. So far, we have not seen that behavior. We left him home for a couple of hours yesterday while we went to town for some shopping. He did not bark when we left and was sleeping when we returned. Perhaps the presence of another dog (Dexter, the Jack Russell) kept him from feeling anxious about staying home when we went out.

In his previous home, he climbed a six-foot rock wall, got out of the yard and was hit by a car. Due to this accident, Ringo lost his left front leg. Despite this handicap, he gets around very well and can run as fast as the other dogs he plays with, if not faster! He can jump quite high but I like to make sure he doesn't jump down from a height to prevent any undue stress to his single front leg/shoulder. I don't think Ringo ever gives a second thought to having only three legs. When we take him for a walk he needs to go at a brisk pace because of the type of gait he has to use, which is a rocking forward/backward stride. It is hard for him to walk slowly. We've not seen him show any interest in trying to get out of our yard. Once or twice he has barked when he's heard a neighbour's dog barking but, otherwise, he does not seem like a problem barker.

Ringo sleeps in his crate. He is happy to snuggle next to you on the sofa or a big chair and will sometimes curl up in my lap for a snooze. He loves flipping over on his back to have his tummy rubbed. He is a good eater but not at all food-obsessed. So far, he has not seemed interested in eating veggies other than carrots.

Ringo - Yorkie Cross

We have been told that in his previous home there was one cat he got along with and one cat that he always wanted to chase. I think he could co-exist nicely with a mature, calm cat. He tends to chase a cat that will run from him. I'm quite sure he would be fine in a house with children though, of course, very small children should never be left alone with a dog, especially one that has a physical handicap or vulnerability.

I will be taking Ringo in for a consult with our veterinarian in the next week or so and will write an update to his health report. We do know that he is current with his shots but will need a tattoo and microchip. We'll have his teeth cleaned if they need it. I want to get all the information I can from our vet in regard to how much and what kind of exercise is best for Ringo due to his handicap.

Ringo is a super little dog and would fit well into many types of homes. I think he'd make an excellent choice as an addition to a home with another dog. He is energetic, as one would expect from a young (3.5 years) terrier, but not hyper. He loves being outdoors at our house, playing, running and romping in the yard with the other dogs. He's been taught to respond to rules and boundaries, which has helped him develop a calm demeanor. Some lucky person or family is going to fall in love with Ringo.