Princess Rosa

Rosa is a six-year old poodle cross. She was a rescue dog from Mexico. She weighs about 15 lbs. Rosa's family needs to find a new home for her because of some behaviour issues with very young children. If Rosa is uncertain or anxious about something she will always roll over on her back and go into a submissive stance. She won't run away if a small child handles her roughly and her family is worried that she may be injured or that she may snap at their 2 year old toddler. They've tried to teach her to avoid the situation but that hasn't worked. So, Rosa needs a home without small children. She is fine with children old enough to understand how to handle a small dog gently. Rosa is a very smart, sturdy little girl who can sometimes be a little dominant with other dogs. She's very playful, affectionate and charming, likes the outdoors, and is good about coming when called. She recently had her teeth cleaned and had 2 teeth extracted but was overwise given a clean bill of health. Rosa's family loves her very much and want to find a home that is going to be safe for her. If you are interested in meeting Rosa for the purpose of a possible adoption please send an email to:

Rosa Closeup Rosa in lawn chair