UPDATE: Sammy has found his forever home! He was adopted by a wonderful young couple who report that he is doing great and already definitely feels like a member of their family. Have a happy ever after life, Sammy.

If you wish to pursue an adoption or are interested in learning more about the rescue process please visit the website:


Sammy is a 2-year old Poodle/Shih Tzu cross. He is affectionate and quite playful.

When he first arrived in our home we took him to visit the vet for a health check. He had a slight ear infection, which has been treated and appears to have cleared up. Other than that, he's in great shape. We have treated him for worms, heatworm, fleas and ticks. He will be getting his vaccination boosters soon and having a microchip inserted.

Sammy has visited the groomer and is now sporting a stylish summer puppy cut. So handsome in his bomber jacket, isn't he?

Sammy does great riding in the car and walking on-leash. He likes to be brushed and he loves to cuddle in your lap. Because he is quite small we don't allow him to run freely in our yard as we live in the country and there are lots of eagles around.

Before Sammy came to stay with us our other foster dog, Cleo the Beagle, never played. Now, she and Sammy play together several times a day. They have become best pals. Even when we go on walks they enjoy walking side-by-side in step with each other.

Sammy's New Family

The only behavioral issues we've been working on with Sammy are a tendency to scoot out the door before he is invited and some slight dominance issues. He gets very excited when we come in the house after being outside and wants to jump up and sometimes nips my heels a little. I am asking him to wait to be invited before he jumps up on the furniture. He sits very politely while waiting for his food dish and is learning that the kitchen is 'out of bounds.'

Sammy gets along great with other dogs. He's curious about our cat but wants to play and does not act aggressively toward her. Sammy's favourite toys are a squeaky soft toy and a small tug rope. He loves to play tug and go for walks.

I think Sammy would do well in any home where the humans will remember to give him some rules, boundaries and limitations. He's so cute we sometimes forget that all dogs, no matter what size, need the structure of some discipline in their lives. They need for us to step up and be the Pack Leader so they can relax and be happy go lucky dogs.

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